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Why choose us?

St John Bosco Catholic Primary School Engadine benefits from an active partnership with our senior school St John Bosco College. With both schools founded on the charism of Don Bosco, we believe that ‘education is a matter of the heart’. It is with this in mind, we have a supportive school community that extends across both schools to create an educational pathway from K–12.

With a dynamic learning environment including specialist programs, our students are inspired to become responsible citizens of the future, to adopt lifelong learning habits so they can ‘Innovate, Empower and Discover’.

Principal’s Message

Congratulations! You have taken the first step in becoming a part of this wonderful community. As Principal, it is my privilege to lead this school toward educational excellence where every student is encouraged to innovate, discover and be empowered. We are extremely blessed to have highly professional and nurturing educators who are committed to delivering flexible, creative learning experiences that allow students to be critical thinkers, effective communicators and collaborative problem-solvers.

Our school is nestled in the centre of Engadine and is part of the famous Bosco community. Our strong connection to the college as a K–12 pathway ensures that our students are provided with rich, authentic learning experiences as they mature into good, honest citizens who will be able to make a positive contribution to society. We are a well-resourced school both in the classroom and on the playground and I believe that it is my responsibility to ensure every student deserves the best educational opportunities that we can provide.

As principal, my leadership is underpinned by three key values: Relationships, Presence and Empowerment. I commit to developing authentic relationships with staff, parents and students to build a collaborative community that is focused on improving students’ learning and wellbeing. I commit to being present to all those that I lead. I will actively listen to others, have clear communication, acknowledge others’ points of view and show empathy. I also commit to empowering others to be the best people that they can be so they can make a positive difference in the world.

I encourage you to come and see our school in action and you will soon feel and understand the amazing spirit that is Bosco.

Chris Egan

St John Bosco Catholic Primary School Engadine was founded in 1959 by four Salesian Sisters. The school moved to its present site on Banksia Ave in 1962 and was led by the sisters until 1999 when Sr Sarah Hanley, the last religious principal, gave leadership to the laity.

Boasting over 800 enrolments today, the rich Bosco community continues to be integral to our school. Many parents are past students and their fondness of the Bosco way resonates loudly. The sisters continue to have a strong presence in the school as do the Salesian priests that frequent our playgrounds and classrooms, sharing the spirit that is Don Bosco.

Don Bosco believed that if children were guided by religion, reason and loving kindness they will grow to be good Christians and honest citizens. This was known as his Preventive System of Education and is at the heart of our school today: each child must not only be loved but know that they are loved.

A community that innovates, empowers and discovers.

In the Spirit of Don Bosco, we challenge, motivate and inspire responsible citizens of the future.

Presence, Respect and Responsibility

St John Bosco Church Engadine
: Cnr of Waratah Rd and Banksia Ave, Engadine
P(02) 9520-8277
E: boscosecretary@gmail.com
W: bosco.org.au

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Day Time
Saturday 6.00pm
Sunday 8.00am, 9.30am, 5.00pm
Monday 9.30am
Tuesday 7.30pm
Wednesday and Friday 9.20am

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